How to Get Rid of a Bird Chest

The bird chest might not be such a common problem, but it does affect some people. Mostly, this problem affects men who are too skinny, causing them to have an unpleasant appearance when they’re not wearing a shirt or anything else to cover up the chest. If you’re dealing with this problem as well, check out the rest of this article to find out what causes this affliction and what solutions you can turn to in order to get rid of this aesthetic problem.

What is the dreaded bird chest and what causes it?

The bird chest is a medical issue that affects people who are too skinny, generally men. This affliction is called Pectus carinatum, and it causes the ribs and the sternum to protrude out. The bird-like appearance of the people who suffer from this problem makes them self-conscious about the way the look, having a hard time when they are put in situations where they have to remain naked in the upper half of the body. This can lead to a multitude of other problems, including depression.

Work on your posture

You might be sick and tired of everyone telling you that you have to sit with your back straight, but this advice is actually one that you should really take into consideration if you have this problem. The right posture is the first and most important step to correcting the unpleasant problem because as your shoulders are kept back when you walk or sit in a chair, the appearance of the condition will be minimized. Also, if you get used to having a correct posture, you will prevent other awful medical issues from appearing, so you must make it a point to never hunch again.

Chest and shoulder exercises that help

Exercises can get you a long way when it comes to getting rid of the unpleasant bird chest. If you work out the upper half of your body, the chest and shoulder muscles will be better developed, camouflaging the protruding sternum that makes you look weird when you’re not wearing anything to cover up your chest. To develop your chest muscles, the best exercises that you can turn to are the barbell bench press, the incline press, pushups, and the dumbbell fly. When it comes to shoulder exercises that are recommended for people who have this problem, the best ones are the one arm side laterals, the front plate raise, the reverse fly, the side lateral raise, and the dumbbell shoulder press. Make these exercises a part of your daily routine and the results will definitely astound you. Just be careful to not overdo it, and don’t forget to work out the rest of your body as well. Otherwise, you risk having an unpleasant appearance if you focus solely on a certain part of your body.

Follow a proper diet

Just like with any other type of goal that you set when it comes to how your body looks, it doesn’t all resume to exercising, your diet being a major piece of the puzzle as well. For you to build the muscle mass necessary to completely get rid of the unpleasant looking bird chest, you have to remember that you need a lot of calories in your diet. As studies have shown, one pound of muscle mass gets built only after consuming about 3500 calories in a week. Therefore, you’ll have to dig in and eat more than you did before to see real changes. Obviously, you should be careful what you eat as well. Otherwise, you will end up with visceral fat that won’t help you in any way. Needless to say, the best thing to do is to go to a nutritionist and discuss your issue and your goals. The nutritionist is going to give you the best advice possible for your particular needs. But if you don’t have the time or money to go see a nutritionist, at least make sure that your main sources of food are eggs, fish, chicken meat, and as many vegetables as possible. Also, make sure that you drink plenty of water daily to help your body function properly.

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