What is Visceral Fat?

These days, more and more people are interested in learning more about the things that can affect their lives and so they try to find the best ways that can help them get healthier. The main purpose of a healthy lifestyle is to eliminate all the possible dangers that threaten the entire body while being aware of their consequences. As you already know, the excessive fat can cause serious health problems and this is why, in this article, we will talk about a certain type of fat that can increase the risk of developing multiple health diseases: the visceral fat. You might have heard about ths type of fat before, but in order to be able to deal with it, you have to know more about it and most importantly, what is that you can do to reduce it.

Important Things to Know about This Type of Fat

The visceral fat is also known as abdominal fat because it develops in the abdominal cavity, therefore being stored around the internal organs. Unfortunately, the visceral fat is not energy deposited by the organism, but it’s biologically active, meaning that it produces hormones that eventually affect our health. Therefore, we can say that the abdominal fat differs from the subcutaneous fat, which is located right beneath the skin and can be easily felt if we touch it with the fingers. In contrary, the abdominal fat is located much deeper in the abdominal cavity, growing around the vital organs and affecting their function.

Health Risks Associated with Abdominal Fat

Now that we know more about the visceral fact, we also have to look closely at the risks associated with this type of fat. There was discovered that the abdominal fat cells produce some biochemicals known as cytokines which have a harmful effect on our health. Consequently, an increased abdominal fat can lead to the development of some serious diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, sleep disorders, Alzheimer’s disease, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, and so on. As you can see, the abdominal fat can seriously affect the body’s overall health, leading to the development of some chronic diseases that can drastically change your life.

How to Measure It?

Since it’s rather hard to determine the visceral fat without measuring it, you may want to find out which are the most accurate methods that can help you know more about this aspect. While some of the measurements can be done at home, others need a skilled medical supervision and may be more expensive. So, let’s see which are the most common used methods of measuring the abdominal fat.

Waist and hip measurement

This method can be easily performed at home. Start by measuring the circumference of both waist and hips and then divide the waist measurement by the hips measurement. The result is an estimation of the amount of abdominal fat and usually, a number greater than 1.0 for men and 0.85 for women indicates an excessive abdominal fat.

MRI/CT Scans

The MRI and CT scans are considered to be the most accurate methods of measurement in what concerns the visceral fact, being able to calculate the exact amount of abdominal fat. Nevertheless, both methods require exposure to radiation, which may be risky to the health while being quite expensive for most people.


Another method that can help you determine the amount of abdominal fat is the ultrasonography. This method may not be as accurate as the MRI and CT scans, but it’s preferred by many people due to the fact that it doesn’t use radiation, which makes it much safer. At the same time, it only lasts a few seconds.

Bio-electrical Impedance

The Bio-electrical impedance devices are another great alternative that can deliver great results. In order to find out the visceral fat with the help of a Bio-electrical impedance device, you can go to a specialized center or you can buy a performant body fat analyzer for home use. There are many such scales available on the market and some of them are quite great in delivering accurate measurements.

Effective Ways to Reduce It

Luckily, the abdominal fat can be removed if you just follow some simple steps and change your daily routine in what regards the eating habits and the daily physical activity. Therefore, in order to obtain results, you have to make sure you eliminate the unhealthy eating meals and concentrate on a balanced diet. Therefore, you should eat rich protein meals, more fruits and vegetables, avoid sugar and drink a lot of water. In what concerns the physical activity, you have to make sure that you exercise on a regular basis, so you can either go to the gym or perform whatever outdoor activity you like. However, in order to see the results you have to be patient because eventually, you will be able to regain your ideal weight and lose the unwanted abdominal fat.


Too much visceral fat can lead to serious health problems. The first step to determine the abdominal fat is to measure it by using one of the methods presented in the article. Then, if the results indicate that you have a high level of abdominal fat, it’s time to take some action. Besides the fact that you have to stop eating unhealthy food, you should also eliminate bad habits like smoking or drinking. At, the same time, you should be more active and exercise as often as you can. The exercises will help you not only get rid of the extra pounds but also to improve your health. Last but not least, try to be more positive and reduce stress as much as you can because it seems that stress is linked with increased visceral fat.

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